Mybet Review

Mybet is a part of the above all for his lottery offer known Jaxx AG. With about 350,000 active clients is one of the bookmakers to the smaller of its kind, enjoys but thanks to its excellent facilities – primarily in the quota range – increasing popularity. Since 2003, the owner of a Maltese license betting on the Internet. In addition to German offers the young betting provider his offer, among other things, poker, casino and games in seven other languages.

Range of betting, sports and quotas

the mybet offer reaches a value of up to 14,000 sports betting per day. In 17 sports are the major leagues. so that mybet not to large providers ranges, but a large part of the gamer community should give satisfaction. Soccer enjoys in the bookmaker of course priority. Especially German fans of the popular ball ports offer excellent betting options up to the fourth German league. But all in all what does not mean that no edge sports like snooker and darts which were represented. Also interesting special values or long-term bets offer. The relatively low betting contingent will also compensated for by the fact that extensive background reports or statistics provide valuable information to the existing bets.
Since the 2010 World Cup has focused increasingly on mybet live betting and has its offer in the course of time being systematically expanded. For the live events are a number of different ways including special bets available. Although limited the bookmaker is still on the best sports, but this can already compete with the large and will certainly continue to work on the development of this sector.

Another big plus point of the local betting provider are its quotas. At least when it comes to the large and popular leagues. There is a payment key of 95 percent. The popular favorites combinations is worthwhile in mybet is, moreover, the single bets with significantly good rates. And even in the case of large tennis tournaments it can be worthwhile rate outliers. There is a maximum in mybet per bet a limit of 30,000 Euro to win.

Customer support and navigation

of the customer service is open daily from 10 to 22 hours via email and phone for the players. The telephone support is however have a paid number. This way the contact recording is in most cases not necessary, because a very well designed online help form the fast problem solution.
To Internet presence can be briefly and just say: simply and clearly. The style may be not so appealing as some competitors, but the handling is the intuitive. Occasionally disturb unfavorably placed quotas the tidy image can be the best overall impression nevertheless not destroy.

Payments and disbursements first deposit bonus and security

there are twelve payment options on the website, with the payment using Neteller, paysafecard and possibly also with bank transfer fees. The remaining payment methods are free of charge. If a payment – which usually is made by bank transfer – in a foreign country is also this fee.
For the first deposit is a bonus in the amount of 25% of the deposit amount provided, but a maximum of 50 Euros. In addition to a single bet in the amount of the deposit amount, the bonus amount must be at least five times with 2.00 bet as a rate to be paid. There is also a special every Wednesday to get combo bonus.
Mybet is still not ten years old, yet enjoys an excellent reputation and serious in the scene. As it is part of the listed and thus transparent Jaxx AG, there is no reason for safety concerns relating to the payments and disbursements.


Mybet has – with the exception of the German football – on a relatively not very large betting offer, white but this is particularly due to the great rates in balance. And also the development trend in the area of live betting moves upwards for two years. The online presence is perfectly to the customer service there is hardly anythin. More Reviews on /

The market for sports betting

The market for betting has at the latest with the European Championship a new boom noticed. Now there is also the Olympics in front of the door which many interesting opportunities for betting offers. The Internet has made in this area for the best opportunity for fun and games developed in this area. The user has the possibility to quickly and easily with small amounts to the boom to participate and the sports events with the bets can be promoted. This is not only fun, but can also bring big profits. But when it comes to sports betting is a few things to note.

The correct use of sports betting in the network

who have been involved with sports betting in the network wants to romp has a multitude of possibilities. Alone on the German-speaking market there are about eight major vendors with different services and especially strong crowing. While the market leaders such as bWin is a good way in all areas, the provider tippico for example on live betting and a comprehensive range of services in the field of specialized football. Wherever the own advantages, there is something for every taste the appropriate provider. It is especially the introduction is an important aspect that can decide about the money. The different service providers in the field of sports bets have bonus systems in the first deposit to the new account. For example, you pay 20 Euro to the new account can be reached from the providers directly for additional 20 Euros, which you can use to bet. This is of course to different conditions. So you can not pay the credit directly, but must be at least the sum of the bonus once have invested in sports betting. Since the bonus to the user but costs nothing, is the best credit for the first steps in the area of sports betting. This is how to lose no money, if you are at the beginning for the incorrect options decides and gradually learns what it arrives at the various bets.

Experience brings in sports betting a lot of money is

an important aspect that every user of sports betting should know is the experience. It is unlikely that one in the first days directly a lot of big profits. Instead you have to get used to the different systems and even determine where the own assets. Only when a certain degree of safety in the handling of the system it can be to devise a strategy to provide at least to avoid losses. Sometimes it is of course a risk to really a lot of money – you have to have the different options but really well know. There are some that are in the area of live betting is comfortable and here are the first steps for a large profit power. If you closely analyzed the different teams and the right strategies builds, you can at least the risk for direct losses reduced. But there is another aspect that in the area of sports bets very on the success or failure to decide: The experience with the actual sport. Of course the inserts can be anywhere. However, it is very helpful if you are with the teams and sports, to one’s own money is also really good knowledge. For example, who is a big football fan, but in basketball on hardly any knowledge, it should avoid the own money in the strange sport. Instead you follow the news in football. Current weaknesses, injury or locks can represent an interesting factor about whether the team is a real chance for a profit. Also knowledge about home strengths, weaknesses against certain teams or tactics and other details are important to the opportunities of the team to be able to estimate correctly. Strategy and luck go hand in hand here and help the first successes in the area of sports betting.

The tips from experts know and apply

as the sports betting on the Internet is getting more and more popular, there is of course also a variety of blogs and communities that are dealing with this topic. The best example here is a Sports Betting Forum. Here are the different users of sports betting for Systems, Strategies.

Sports betting better and worse

As you know is a sports betting the better the farther away you are from the estimated results from thee. This means that if you think a team wins in five of the six games, the bookmaker, however, that only three of the six games wins, then this is a positive for you bet. The other way round if you think that the team in less than specified by the bookmaker games wins, then this is a bad bet for you.

But the world is so easy, especially the world of sports betting, not. Because a bookmaker is not only of its quota of the calculated probability dependent, but at the same time it is also important that it offers better odds than its competitors. Straight through online sports betting are the possibilities for comparison more than increased.

Consequently he will offer better rates in the case of so-called mass bets. These are the top games of the Bundesliga in the Champions League, important boxing and generally big sports events. Simply click on bet where many people set it will not only be guided by his quota but also to ensure a better rate than the competition.

This means that if you single bets or combo bets on top events play, then you will be in the normal case the get better rates, because the bookmaker here mutually high push. At the same time, however, the money will be taken somewhere again. This means in turn that exotic bets, where you have very little competition often offer lower rates than it actually would be necessary.

As far as the sports betting theory, it is usually the better decision is standard bets as the final result to play. There is no contradiction here, because it is part of the profit margin of the bookmaker in torwetten more than twice as high as in the classic three-way bet.

But to each rule there is always an exception. And this is the case if you are on a clear favorite sets or thematically appropriate bets combined with each other. Imagine you have a game of football with a clear favorites found. This is especially important in the European Cups, the DFB-Cup or other leagues often the case. Then the quota for a favorite victory often so low that a bet it makes little sense. But you can Bet This bet with other then supplement or combined. Such bets were then the more than three gates cases that a team to the half-time already, etc. These are all the bets have a better rate than you have. However, the safety of the favorites of the victory and the better betting rate through the combination of different betting this worse quote frequently away again.

So you can see when it comes to sports betting then there are even laws. But as with any other set applies here that the exceptions confirm the rule. And so you should also use the exceptions sometimes in order to optimize your success in the long term.